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Operational Overview

The aim of this service is to establish exactly where you are now and what parts of the business are working well and what parts can do with some improvement. Usually, when we meet with a new client, we conduct a full audit of the business including systems, accounts and employees roles to understand and identify the areas of the business where we could reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In general for our clients, we have identified and implemented average savings of €50,000-€60,000 per annum. The average cost of this service is €2,500-€3,500 plus vat so the payback period is very short indeed.

Business Development

Helping drive the business into the future, breaking down into the budgets we have already created to see how marketing and sales will need support to reach targets and the likely knock off effects of increased volume. Succession planning both in terms of who will take over the business and grow into more senior roles but also ensuring you have a disaster plan if the main person had to be out of work for any length of time. When an owner manager takes ill it most cases no plan has to be made of what to do and this causes more stress for them at a time they need it least.

People Management & Development

People are the single most important element of any business and not enough is done in most businesses to get 100% from people including the owner and right across all staff and managers. There are a huge amounts of areas where improvements can be made within a business by working on the human factor.

It is easy to cut costs of overheads and shave money off utility bills by changing provider, it is far harder to use technology to reduce hours needed in tasks and then to help the same people develop the confidence to spread their skills across other roles in the company.

Personal Insolvency

We are very experienced in all areas of personal insolvency. We achieved a write down from €3.2 million to €100,000 for one of our clients. We have negotiated deals for clients where the bank have agreed to take ownership of the house and write off the €90,000 shortfall. We can provide many similar examples. Read more…

Strategy Development

As a business owner or manager you need to know the current situation with the business and have a clear plan of where it is going in order to reach your goals. This plan should have a short, medium and long term element.

With the long term goals in mind, we focus on achieving the shorter term goals to ensure the business is heading in the right direction. Many businesses have yearly budgets and monthly management accounts but they are failing to reach these targets. We create a plan of what needs to be done into smaller more workable steps so the business can achieve its goals.

Raising Finance & Debt Restructuring

Helping you to present plans and financials in a way which banks will lend to. Also dealing with existing debts and restructuring if necessary to make them affordable and keep the business viable. You need to be careful that personal debts and business debts are not too closely attached. We also deal with personal debts relating to property and property in negative equity and have achieved excellent write offs for clients.

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