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Our story

Intelligent Business Consulting was founded in 2006 by Catherine Brennan who qualified as an accountant almost 20 years ago and has continued learning with additional qualifications in financial planning, pensions and insolvency.

Catherine specialises in identifying cost cutting opportunities, solving cash flow problems and streamlining business. This approach simplifies the daily routine tasks of running a business and allows the owner and or manager to focus on growth and business development whilst achieving a better work life balance.

Intelligent Business Consulting was founded to expand on Catherine’s previous business FC On Call Ltd which specialised in savings in accounting costs and which she sold in 2006.

“Increased profitability and improved efficiency is our primary goal and for our existing clients, we have identified and implemented average savings of €50,000-€60,000 a year. Our approach allows business owners and or managers to focus on business improvements, growth and profitability whilst enjoying a better work life balance. ”

Catherine Brennan | Owner & Business Consultant, Intelligent Business Consulting

Business Management Consultant Dublin, Mayo, Sligo, Galway Ireland
Business Efficiency Experts Business Management Consultant Dublin, Mayo, Sligo, Galway Ireland
Business Efficiency Experts To Save Your Business Time and Money Dublin, Mayo, Galway, Sligo Ireland

Our Beliefs

At Intelligent Business three core beliefs underpin what we do and how we do it.


The Business Owner

In general, a business owner’s “really productive working life” is much shorter than an employee’s working life. Business owners need to ensure that the business is operating at peak profitability so they can maximise their return in this period and secure their own future.


We believe that you excel when you follow your passion and an important aspect of reviewing a business, is to discover if the owner even enjoys their current role within the business. Many of our clients find themselves in a role which they do not enjoy.

Work Life Balance

Work life balance is not about working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday for 50 years and dying 6 months into retirement. Work life balance has to be whatever you need it to be and our aim is to help you to create a business that fits around that.

Why Choose Us?


Results Driven

We deliver tangible cost savings and profit increases that can be measured. In our first project within the IT consulting and development industry we cut head count by 50% while retaining turnover. We have saved an average of 30% across all accounting departments through the use of better systems and automation. We have reduced by 50% the time taken to deal with a complex insolvency case within the legal practice we work in by ensuring we understand 100% what the banks need to make a decision and presenting information in such a way it can be dealt with fast.

Accessible & Approachable

We are not 9-5 people because business is not 9-5. The day can be frantic and you don’t have time to take longer calls during business hours, we want your full concentration to help you achieve your goals so we often do calls and meetings out of business hours.


We can help in one department or all departments in the long or short term. You may just need support through a period of change or system improvements or you may need an ongoing senior advisor or caretaker for your business. Of course it is more effective if we look at the business as a whole because decisions made in one department affect all others but you can test us out on one project if you feel more comfortable with that. For example there is no point trying to increase sales by 30% of you don’t have the capacity to deliver it. Business improvements need to looked at as a whole.

Practical Consultants

We are hands on consultants who own their own business and we have real life experience. We know hands on what running a small to medium business is like and all the challenges it brings. You probably set up your own business looking forward to this new found wealth and freedom and instead of living the dream it’s a complete nightmare at times. Running a business is very challenging and something you really cannot be prepared for is how many hats you will have to wear. You go from being maybe a sales manager/director or a technical director prior to setting up your own business to now being sales-marketing-PR-finance-service-HR director. To add to that you have staff looking to you for guidance. This is where a consultant from any of the very large accounting or consulting firm will struggle to really empathise with the struggles of an SME when they have never been out of the safety of the corporate world and the guaranteed payday themselves. We understand all the challenges and deal with them daily ourselves. We are also acutely aware that you have a limited time before burnout to get this right. Unfortunately many business owners get to retirement age and still have not got it right and the whole process of owning a business has been a nightmare for them.

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